Supa Adventure

Supa Adventure


Water Rafting

Feel the splash of water when in Supa while doing white water river rafting in Kali River. One of the best adventure activity to do in Supa

If you are adventure buff you will enjoy white water river rafting in Kali River crossing the rapids, steering through unstoppable water-experiencing one of the best thrills possible.

Bird Watching

With a bird watching tour, you can gape at the vibrant colored birds fly over the lush green grooves of Supa that are a feast for the eyes.

Jungle Safari

During the Supa Jungle Safari, you would have the chance of dwelling into scenic beauty of forest and the wildlife exploration by travelling in an open jeep.


Splash and roll in a giant ball across the water at our fun-filled water Zorbing activity

Make your way through the water surface on a water ball as you indulge in an adventurous and fun water Zorbing activity


Kayaking is such a chilllll activity that you can get the hang of pretty quickly- even if its your first time! Floating on the surface of the peaceful waters, hunting for hidden creeks, spotting wild birds and trees with absolutely nothing but the sound of the paddles hitting the water which brings a calmness.

Elephant Interaction

Join us for an unforgettable elephant interaction experience which includes an educational talk followed by a ‘touch and feed’ experience, it’s an experience not to be missed

There’s so much you can enjoy with interacting with these beautiful elephants that does not involve riding or beating them with a stick to do what you want them to do